A Food Entrepreneur's Journey

You have probably started a food business because you have passion for food and have great recipes.

You love food and have some very special recipes that you share with friends and family. Inevitably someone says "Your food is so good! You should be selling this to other people." So you say "I really have a great idea for a product" and your passion sends you on a fantastic "foodpreneurial"  journey. But, you realize you need help as an entrepreneur in how to start a food business.

Is this your story? If so your success depends on understanding the “Business of Food.”

We Are Your Experts in the Food & Beverage Business

Success in the Food Business Requires Practical Passion

Your passion for "the food" is one critical driver to your success. Far too many food entrepreneurs fail because they are stuck in the kitchen meaning they are all about the food and don't spend the time thinking about the "business of food."

Our 35 years of experience has taught us that success comes from understanding “the business of food”… essentially developing Practical Passion.

We help food entrepreneurs create businesses and launch food brands... providing expertise to profitably move you along the path... from the kitchen to the shelf to the consumer’s plate.

The FoodBevXpert™ Recipe for Success

See how our FoodBevXpert™ Services and Crowdfunding Campaign Services get you from Kitchen to Cash quickly and affordably.

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