Crowdfrenzy™ Crowdfunding Campaign Creation

Phase One: Campaign Prep

Getting the main ingredients ready to go ($1500)

  • Strategy Development

  • Crowdfunding Campaign Elements

    • Narrative Copy

    • Pitch Video Script

    • Description of Perks

Phase Two: The Sizzle

Creating the social and email messages that gain your campaign the media attention it needs. 

  • A list of niche market bloggers and editors. We review sites and publications to qualify them in terms of frequency of posts, engagement with their audience and relevance to your campaign. ($75 to $115 an hour)
  • Written email pitches for people you know asking them to get onboard with contributions and shares with their social contacts.  (Email campaign $1200 for 3 emails)
  • Written email pitches for niche media editors you have decided to contact (Price based on client)
  • Facebook and Tweets to be posted at various stages. ($25 per post)
  • An Online Press Kit to be sent in response to interest from publications you have contacted. ($1000) Press Kit includes
    • Your BioPress
    • Release about your Campaign
    • High Resolution Images
    • Accurate Contact Details
    • FAQ sheet


Phase Three:  Getting Things Cooking

This is where all the communication messages created in Phase Two are put to work to get media attention and contributors. 

This is called implementing and managing the campaign, and it’s up to you to work it on a day-to-day basis. This   keeps your story going out into ever-widening circles to build and sustain momentum until the campaign is over.

 In this implementation phase you will:

  • Create a media plan (schedule) and follow it—determine when you will contact various segments of your social and press contacts, then follow up as needed and stick to it
  • Send out personal emails to your social contacts and respond to any requests or comments from prospective and actual contributors.
  • Send out email pitches to editors of niche publications and fulfill any requests for press materials (your Press Kit) promptly, or you may miss out.
  • Write regular posts on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, to let people know you have launched and how it’s going.

We have affiliations with experts who can perform this phase.

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