Here is our process to get you from the Kitchen to Raising Dough


The Problem, Unmet Need

This should will be stated in clear, simple terms written in story format short, simple and relevant..

Emotional Pitch

Based on a slice of life”… how it will vastly improve their lives.

Who are You?

Answers the question Why will you be able to do this?. What makes the reader say they can really do this. This can be a combination of professional credentials and personal experiences framed to the problem as well as the emotional pitch.

How Will You Use My Money?

These should be specific needs that only the donors money can meet. Be careful not to leave the impression that the company will not make it without the money this will give a sense of desperation vs. hope.

Differentiators and Validators

What does the brand have that is clearly different? This should be several key features and benefits that would also be visible if the consumer saw this product for the first time in the supermarket. Also, be realistic since you want this to be believable.

Can you prove it? One proof would be the ingredients. However, attributes are not enough so use your experiences personal, family, community experiences.

How can I help? (Call to Action)

SUPPORT our campaign, the donation.

SHARE the campaign, with their social circles.

CONTACT US: With you ideas, support, and suggestions.  This develops engagement.

Risks and Challenges

You are raising capital for something new. As an entrepreneur, you need to make your donors aware of certain risks in this venture. For example this can be falling behind schedule on your product development or not meeting goals on your new product launch. 

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