Want a crowdfunding campaign that can start a feeding frenzy?

Crowdfrenzy™ from FoodBevXperts™ has all the ingredients

Being dollar wise and pound foolish can really cost you. If your campaign fails, your credibility is damaged and it’s really hard to get back up for a second try.
— Dom Celentano

A lot of entepreneurs make the same mistake. They try to save money by pulling together their own crowdfunidng campaigns.  But they don’t understand all the moving parts.

Gaining the attention you want and the financial commitments you need requires a campaign that is targeted, sophisticated and persuasive.

What Crowdfrenzy™ from FoodBevXperts ™ Brings To The Table.

Solid Market Intelligence

FoodBevXperts ™ has helped scores of entrepreneurs successfully navigate the food marketplace. When you work with us you work with people who have been in the food business for 35 years and know it inside out, from running a successful family food business to skillfully guiding others to their own success.

When you come to us for crowdfunding services, we use our market savvy to put your campaign on sound strategic footing. Helping you focus with laser clarity on your target audience, the benefits your offer and your stance against the competition is critical. These insights help shape a campaign that defines who you are and your value to potential donors.

Creative Communications Services

This is all about telling your story in a way that is at once entertaining and compelling. Most entrepreneurs are all about the food. CrowdFrenzy™ is all about helping you get your passion across in a pitch that connects with the hot buttons in your audience. Keeping it personal, heartfelt and relevant is what makes people want to be part of your project.

Social Media and Email Promotions

These drive your campaign, helping it reach people who can contribute and spread the word through their social contacts. It’s got to be planned in waves and implemented faithfully to keep momentum going. CrowdFrenzy ™ can help.

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